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ProductName:SY-269 Card Reader
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SY-269 Card Reader

SD/MMC/T-Flash/Micro SD/Mini SD,sim card reader

A section specially the new handset card material backup which designs for the handset card material backup, is suitable in handset cards and so on GSM and CDMA. May facilitate fast each kind of handset card in telephone directory and the short note material backup to the computer, may also the telephone directory which and in the short note material convenient duplication handset card stores up the computer in; And may save, the edition, in the revision handset card telephone directory and the short note material using the computer. Moreover SY-263 and SY-269 also have read dodge save the card the function, but the read-write following series dodges saves the card: SD/MMC/T-Flash/Micro SD/Mini SD, (SY-269 may direct read-write Mini the SD card, not need external connection equipment).

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