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ProductName:Rob wifi, wifi hacker, network unlocker
Market Price:109Dollar/pcs
Now Price:98Dollar/pcs
Rob Wifi Network Unlocker For 802.11b/g (auto-hack, no pc required) + 3G Wireless router + WLAN Router
Wifi Hacker - browsing internet for free, Saving your money!!
  • +  Meet IEEE802.11b/g standard
  • +  Use OFDM technique
  • +  No one will realize who has hacked and used his wifi
  • +  Support Bridge and Router mode
  • +  Perform hacking without PC required
  • +  Only able to hack WEP but not WPA, WPA-PSK and WPA II
  • +  100% works with any Internet Service Providers
  • +  Standalone device, do not required boot from disc or computer
Rob Wifi Description:
Rob-Wifi is an easy-to-use device that features the auto-hacking function that will hack into a network without a computer. Just turn on the Rob-Wifi, select a network and the Rob-Wifi will hack it automatically. 100% works with any Internet Service Providers.Rob-Wifi is standalone device, do not required boot from disc or computer. No one will realize who has hacked and used his wifi.
Wifi signal are available almost everywhere but most of them are useless to us as they are Secured connection that required a password to access. And most WiFi adapters in the market and in laptops have a range of only 20 - 30 meters, limiting the number of WiFi connections available to you. But with the powerful Rob-Wifi, you can access more WiFi connections which are further away and the Rob-Wifi optimized the cracking of WEP encription that makes the hack more quickly. Best of all it can also decode, hack, crack, unlock and reveal the passwords of most of the secured connections.

The Rob-WiFi will let you use the internet almost everywhere for free thereby saving your hefty monthly subscription fees. You only need to decode the password of each connection once and use them forever as the administrator almost never change the password. And they will not know that someone else is sharing the connection! Now you can enjoy Free WiFi almost anywhere with dozens of connections to choose from and save hundreds of dollars every year!


  • Meet IEEE802.11b/g standard, use OFDM technique, the actual data rate can be reached as high as 20Mbps or above
  • Support 3G wireless router, wireless AP and wireless client server
  • Support Bridge and Router mode
  • LED screen, automatically search wireless signal , one key connecting.
  • No installation of the driver and software are needed.
  • Support 54/48/36/24/18/12/9/6M or 11/5.5/2/1M rate adaption
  • Support SSID broadcast control and MAC visit address control
  • Support 64/128/152 WEP encryption, support WPA.802.1X,TKIP,AES encryption and security mechanisms.
  • Built-in firewall, support IP address filtering, domain filtering and MAC address filtering
  • Support for UPNP and DDNS dynamic domain function
  • 100% works with any Internet Service Providers
  • Standalone device, do not required boot from disc or computer

Package Contains :
  • 1 X ROB-WIFI Terminal
  • 1 X 5DBi Antenna
  • 1 X network Cable
  • 1 X DC Power Adapter(USA Plug Adapter,2 Pin Flat Pin)
  • 1 X Instructions Manual

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